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        ActiveMQ LDAP manual
ActiveMQ: Authorization and authentication through LDAP  Details »
Manuale ActiveMQ security: autorizzazione e autenticazione tramite LDAP ActiveMQ LDAP
Authorization and authentication through LDAP

A 14 page technical manual that explains in details how to manage authorization and authentication on ActiveMQ
Manuale ActiveMQ security: autorizzazione e autenticazione tramite LDAP
Content index
1. Authentication types
1.1 JAAS Authentication
1.2 Inter-broker authentication
2. Authorization
2.1 JAAS/LDAP authorization
2.1.1 activemq.xml configuration
2.1.2 Advisory topic
2.1.3 LDAP configuration notes
3. Camel use in broker
4. Web-console access
5. Dynamic configuration reload
5.1 Dinamic reload through plug-in
5.2 Dinamic reload through Jconsole (even Monitor)
6. Advisory Messages
7. Log management
7.1 Application log
7.2 Application log through JMS
8. Working notes

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