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During the years C System Global has realized successful business solutions:
  • Applications for the management of the entire sales and production cycle: demand planning, production planning, order planning and order management;
  • Applications for hospital management: booking, clinical Workflow, operating rooms agenda, reports;
  • Software applications for video surveillance with anti-intrusion, anti-fire functionalities and accesses control;
  • Internet sites and portals managers;
  • Customizable e-commerce store independent from product categories;
  • E-business applications: orders, offers, sale confirmations, project and maintenance contracts managements;
  • Spins production automation and electronic control of the product quality;
  • Automatic control system of charge/discharge of spinning spools for the textile field;
  • Automation and management of quality control in the textile industry filed;
  • Automation of the warehouse management connected to production progress;
  • Software for air conditioning systems;
  • Equipment for the temperature control in burn-in ovens;
  • Firmware for banking, postal and fiscal printers ;
  • Firmware for operating/user panels;
  • Firmware for programmable controllers;
  • Firmware for chip-card;
  • Firmware for telephone equipment;
  • Improvement of the production process of electronic components;
  • Algorithms of probes positioning for the test of electronic cards;
  • Software for ICT (integrated circuit test) test systems;
  • Format converters for net list, in ICT field;
  • Banknotes recognizers for banking applications;
  • Control of plastic components production systems;
  • FDB: Factory Dashboard;
  • REARE: System of heat recovery from wastewater
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