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The C System group is made up of 2 different realities:

- C System, born in 1986, has always operated in the fields of computer science, electronics and services with high technological content.
During these years, the activity of the Society has been mostly turned to the development of IT solutions for big and small/medium enterprises.

C System has got a remarkable experience in the project and the development of firmware applications for embedded systems. Moreover, it offers IT consultancy services in the production of software and hardware systems with special attention to the company processes management and to the e-business, using object-oriented technologies.
Now the company core business is the research and development of innovative solutions in the ICT market.

- C System Global, founded in 2000, manages the marketing of products and supplies the assistance service.
The born of C System Global has allowed the group to extend its market proponing off-the-shelf products: supervision and control systems and hospital wards management solutions (ADT).


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